Frequently Asked Questions

Your most common questions are answered below, if you cannot find the answer then feel free to contact us.

Q. Can you provide traffic to my country ?

We provide traffic to most countries in the world on a regular basis. If you are unsure whether you will get any traffic then feel free to purchase a discounted trial which is available for only $3 for 5 days.

Q. Are all hits Going to show up on Google Analytics ?

Yes, all hits are seen on Google Analytics. If you want to see the true number of hits then have a look at "pageviews".

Q. Do you Accept YouTube Links ?

We accept YouTube links and our hits ussually match up with YouTube views if you keep the seconds at at least 60 seconds. If you want more permanent and long lasting results then we suggest you try our YouTube Views Packages available in the dashboard.

Q. Do you have other ways I can rank my website ?

Yes, we sell all sorts of services like seo, social media and link building to help with every part of Internet Marketing.

Q. When will I start receiving hits?

Our system usually starts delivering hits within 10 minutes of your website being created.

Q. Can I use Boostup Browser Auto Surf inside a VPS or Virtual Machine ?

Absolutely, we actually prefer this as you can auto surf longer and accrue more points without interfering with your normal browsing habbits.

Q. Can I run pop unders or popups on my landing pages?

No, we currently don't allow pop unders or pop ups, our boostup browser software prevents these from opening up anyway.

Q. Can I place Advertisements on my landing pages or use Google Adsense?

We don't mind, however you will need to keep in mind some ad companies do not allow you to participate in traffic exchange programs, so check with your ad network, we will not be responsible for any lost affiliate commissions.

Q. Can I promote adult related websites?

No, we currently don't allow adult websites to be ran on this network. Anyone found to be using adult websites will immediately be banned and removed. If you have seen someone doing this, please send us a Ticket.

Q. How many browser sessions can I run ?

You can run as many sessions as you like (unlimited) BUT You can only open one session per IP.

Q. How many Websites Can I Add ?

Free Members can add upto 3 websites but Premium Members are free to add an unlimited amount of websites. We even have an easy to use bulk website creator. Give it a try !